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August 25th, 2022 - DETSEC MEETING 12 - 1 PM

"Protecting Yourself Online. Sim Swapping and BEC Stories from Joseph “Doc” Harris" - DarkNet Diaries ep 118

Talk Summary: Business Email Compromises are a threat that every organization faces. During this presentation, Tyler will discuss how these attacks work, how companies can protect themselves from them, and how an organization can investigation a business email compromise. Examples from real cases will be presented

Our meeting this month will be Thursday, August 25th at noon. The location is Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital’s Auxiliary Conference Room. NMH’s address is 1204 N. Mound Street, Nacogdoches. Each person should bring $10.00 cash to have access to the buffet. Lunch will be served in our meeting room. You will not have to go through the hospital cafeteria line. You get a salad, lunch, dessert and a drink. I need a headcount, so please RSVP.

Previous Meetings & Events

June 30th, 2022 - DETSEC MEETING 12 - 1 PM

Preventing and Investigating Business Email Compromise - Tyler Hudak with TrustedSec

Talk Summary: What is SIM Swapping, doxing and social engineering? How are they used to liquidate bank and crypto accounts? What are good security practices to protect you and the ones you love from new types of digital attacks? Learn this and more from Joseph “Doc” Harris, a man that did it all for real.

Our meeting this month will be Thursday, June 30th at noon. The location is Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital’s Auxiliary Conference Room. NMH’s address is 1204 N. Mound Street, Nacogdoches. Each person should bring $10.00 cash to have access to the buffet. Lunch will be served in our meeting room. You will not have to go through the hospital cafeteria line. You get a salad, lunch, dessert and a drink. I need a headcount, so please RSVP.

April 28th, 2022 - DETSEC MEETING 12 - 1 PM

Fundamentals of Good Internet Hygiene - Isaac Aronov , CISSP, CIO and Chief Architect of AbbaDox

Talk Summary: A fundamental part of good security is having good internet hygiene. This cannot be overstated. A company should listen to as many foundational talks as possible. The more you hear the better your own corporate education will be. Isaac takes a unique approach and will cover

  • The internet is a giant parking lot in a dangerous neighborhood
  • A single click can change your future
  • Password management best practices
  • The privacy puzzle
  • And more

October 31st, 2019 - DETSEC MEETING 12 - 1 PM

Economic Espionage Trends in Cyberspace

October’s speaker comes just in time to deliver a spooky Halloween tale to keep us cyber enthusiasts up at night. Mark Peters is the author of “Cashing in on CyberPower”

With our world becoming increasingly digitally interconnected, military leaders and other actors are abandoning symmetric power strategies for cyber-based strategies. Some cyber power applications enable actors to influence as well as change high-level economic outcomes without the massive resource investment required for military force deployments or even visible commitments. This lecture, based on other research, addresses some basic theories behind why state and non-state actors use cyber tools and when those tools influence economic outcomes? The most devastating uses of economic cyber power can include intellectual property theft, espionage to uncover carefully planned trade strategies, and outright market manipulation through affecting resource and currency values. Each of these appears in the several recent cases and helps to demonstrate the overall thesis about economic influence.

August 29th, 2019 - DETSEC MEETING 12 - 1 PM

Full Stack InfoSec Awareness for Libraries

A real challenge for DETSEC is getting the cybersecurity message to the general public. Number five of the DETSEC Credo says we should “leave our industries and communities safer than we found them.” This is way easier said than done. I recently gave a cybersecurity talk at the Nacogdoches Public Library. It was a disaster, and I missed the mark big time. I wish I had engaged with @infosecsherpa before my presentation. This month I am happy to announce our speaker who has an interesting InfoSec origin story.

This talk discusses how InfoSec professionals can provide community outreach through libraries about security topics. Librarians are innately curious and diligent researchers, they can broadcast an InfoSec message to the community if they can be informed and inspired. October is national cybersecurity month and it would be fantastic to see willing DETSEC members teaching about cyber at their local libraries.

**** Please see this invitation gets into the hands of your local librarians. They are invited and might feel the connection hearing from one of their own. I will also send Zoom invites to those that need to attend remotely. ****

Tracy Z. Maleeff, @InfoSecSherpa, is a GSEC certified Information Security professional. Before InfoSec, Tracy worked as a librarian in academic, corporate, and private law firm libraries. A Fellow of the Special Libraries Association, Tracy received the Dow Jones Innovate Award and the Wolters Kluwer Law & Business Innovations in Law Librarianship Award. She has worked as a Security Operations Center Analyst and frequently gives presentations about OSINT and InfoSec research strategies. Tracy holds a Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Pittsburgh, as well as undergraduate degrees from both Temple University (magna cum laude), and the Pennsylvania State University.

Tracy was keynote speaker for the 14th International Southern African Online User Group Meeting in Pretoria, South Africa and she is a frequent presenter on Information Security topics, professional networking, and best practices for performing research/OSINT.

July 25th, 2019 - DETSEC MEETING 12 - 1 PM

Protecting the Grid in 2019 from Cyber Physical Threats

We have all heard the reports and news stories claiming the cyber apocalypse is coming and the power grid might be the first thing to go. How much of this is hype vs. fact? Why does Texas have its own grid and how does it work? The Chief Technology Officer with East Texas Electric Cooperative will be sharing his presentation with our members to answer questions like these and more.

June 27th, 2019 - DETSEC MEETING 12 - 1 PM

Machine Learning is Coming: How to Prepare for AI’s Impact on the Human Workforce

March 28th, 2019 - DETSEC MEETING 12 - 1 PM

Password Cracking with Clustered Computers

Nick and Landon set out to do something many students ardently avoid, get more work. With minimal guidance, no money, and a heterogeneous mixture of old servers, they built a compute cluster for cracking passwords. This talk will provide an overview of the password cracking process, the software needed to perform password cracking, and the underlying hardware it stands on. They will wrap up with tips you can use to keep your passwords safe.

Hearing from all the great remote speakers is cool but hearing from our own is even better. This month’s presenters are SFA students who are sharing their cybersecurity research with us. These are the types of presenters our group was made for.

February 28th, 2019 - DETSEC MEETING 12 - 1 PM

An Encyclopedia of Wiretaps

"Warrants. Wiretaps. PRTTs. Subpoenas. Section 702. 2703(d) order. National Security Letters. All Writs Act. Many in the InfoSec community are aware that the government has an array of legal authorities to use in investigating crimes which allow them access user content and metadata, but few people could articulate the differences among these types of orders. This talk will review each type of legal process used by state and federal agencies to request access to various types of user data and content."

January 31st, 2019 - DETSEC MEETING 12 - 1 PM

We're super excited about our January speaker. Jack Rhysider is an InfoSec journalist and creator of The Dark Net Diaries.

Jack spent 10 years working in InfoSec. Starting out as a NOC technician, moving into a security engineer, then architecting a SOC where he was busy building a team, tools, and procedures to monitor for threats in client's networks. Jack has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and a half dozen certs ranging from Cisco, to Checkpoint, and CEH. He's currently the creator of the podcast Darknet Diaries where he interviews hackers or those who've been attacked to hear the stories from people who've gone through really tough situations.

Dark Net Diaries

Listen to the show | Follow Jack on Twitter @Jackrhysider

October 25th, 2018 Meeting Info

DETSEC Digital Forensics Workshop

This meeting will take place on SFA's campus in the STEM building room 405. If you have not RSVP yet, send an email to Dae Glendowne at for availability.

You will need a laptop with
  • Windows 7 x64 (or newer)
  • Either physical or virtual install is fine
  • Administrator privileges

Directions: SFA campus map with the building marked on it. The red star is the STEM building and the nearest parking lot is labeled. From Starr Ave, head north on Raguet and you will drive into the back side of the building. Once inside, find the elevators and head to the 4th floor. Turn right from the elevators and room 405 is directly in front of you.

View Campus Map

September 27th, 2018 Meeting Info

“Digital forensics is the acquisition, authentication, and analysis of data for the purpose of reconstructing events that occurred on a digital device for use in a court of law. In this workshop, we'll focus on the technical aspects of digital forensics as we provide an overview of the digital forensics process. Students will walk through acquiring the data into standard formats, authenticating the data to ensure it has not changed, and finally analyzing the data to extract artifacts and reconstruct what occurred.”

In addition, we are going to be talk about gas pump skimmers. We are hearing about them in the news. Bad guys are opening the gas pumps with a universal key or by picking the locks then inserting a device in the pump. We will cover who these gangs are, the design and function of skimmers and finally wrap up with an easy to build Skimmer Scanner project I made from a Raspberry Pi3 computer. Using this scanner I can drive by a gas station and tell if it is “infected.”

Don’t forget to RSVP and bring $8 cash for food. We are an open group so feel free to invite others.