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TruYou? No thank you. 09/23/2018

Society is growing tired of keeping up with many username and password combinations. A single ID which allows you into all your accounts is a dream for many and the basis of a movie called The Circle (2017). Is a single ID good and what effects might it have on privacy?

Getting off The Grid 09/23/2018

I appreciate a rainy weekend; it gives me a chance to sit on the couch and watch Netflix. This past weekend, I re-watched an old movie called Enemy of the State starring Will Smith. I could not believe it had been almost twenty years since it came out in 1998.

Have you been Pwned? 09/23/2018

“Pwn” is an internet slang term which means “to own” or “to dominate”. Your teenage kids most likely know this because it is used extensively in multiplayer video games. If you get “pwned”, you have been defeated in a particularly boastful way.