Founded in 2017, Deep East Texas Security (DETSEC) is a collective of IT professionals, information security (INFOSEC) practitioners, students and enthusiasts. We recognize the important role technology plays in almost all endeavors and the need for us to acquire and foster the skills to help protect and preserve privacy and digital services. DETSEC welcomes all public and private businesses, schools, government organizations, hospitals, students etc. to our meetings to learn the latest cybersecurity information.

DETSEC members recognize that cyber threats transcend politics. All members are united by an interest in INFOSEC, our members come from a variety of backgrounds and therefore have different IT skills and abilities. No one will be flamed, shamed or trolled by a fellow member for any reason. All members will foster friendships and promote teamwork. Information will be shared freely so long as it does not violate the law, regulation, a company policy or disclose sensitive, confidential or private information. We pledge to use cybersecurity awareness to leave our communities and industries safer than we found them.


Monthly Meetings

Our meetings are held at noon on the last Thursday of the month at Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital. The meeting format is a lunch and learn. Ten dollars cash is required to offset the cost of the meal.

DETSEC 1204 Mound Street, Nacogdoches TX 75961

Our Credo

  1. Leave politics at the door
  2. No flaming, shaming or trolling
  3. Foster networking and friendships
  4. Promote InfoSec in all endeavors
  5. Leave our industries and communities safer than we found them